• Jim Curran

    Oklahoma City OK (former project manager Fortune 1000 company)

    When Suze and I was searching for my next gig, Patrick reached out to us.  Searching through thousands of franchises was an exhausting exercise.  Patrick helped us clarify our criteria.  Then, he showed us several options.  We wish we could have launched several of the options Patrick showed us.  In the end, we are very happy.  Utilize Patrick!  His service is free but it’s invaluable!

  • Bruce Horlick

    St Louis MO (radio announcer)

    I realize why Patrick is called the “Franchise Insider”.  He knows more about franchising than any other consultant.  And I spoke to many.  Trusted advisor—that’s the best way to describe Patrick.

  • Clay Brian

    Orlando FL (pharmaceutical executive)

    Patrick was an exceptional partner during the franchise identification process. He dedicated time to clearly understand our priorities & goals and then identified solutions that aligned with our aspirations. His approach was 100% consultative and I felt 0% sales pressure. His mission was to reveal opportunities and explain how they aligned with our short and long-term goals. Additionally, he explained things in layman's terms and patiently fielded our countless questions. After the identification process, Patrick remained an insightful contributor that provided immediate answers and an abundance of resources. Everyone we've met during the franchising process offered rave reviews of Patrick and he was frequently described as "Best in the Industry". After working with him directly, I see why he's earned this reputation. We genuinely don't know what more Patrick could have delivered and we would highly endorse Patrick's assistance to anyone evaluating franchise opportunities! 

  • Kirk McJunkin

    Dallas TX (former project manager)

    Patrick's direct and professional communication initially caught and kept my attention. His honesty and process earned my trust. His method for matching my gifts, skills and experience with available opportunities fit perfectly with the manner in which I process so much of life. Thus, he is a great fit for the role of matching me with a business opportunity, and he did. I am grateful for Patrick's involvement and would use him again without hesitation.

  • James Gorzynski

    Charlotte NC (former CFO)

    Patrick was one of the few people I've met who took the time to get to know me prior to making recommendations. He learned a great deal about my short and long term goals, and where I want to be at milestones in both my personal and business lives. I would HIGHLY recommend Patrick as a friend, ally in business, and general provider of advice!

  • Shawn Hansen

    Chicago IL (former Sprint executive)

    Thank you Patrick for your continued support in helping our family identify opportunities that fit our requirements. Your commitment to your craft and follow up is outstanding.

  • Bryan Salerno

    Little Rock AR (former IT executive)

    While exploring options of staying in Executive IT Leadership and working on several mergers and acquisitions, Patrick reached out to me to see if I would be interested in learning more about Franchise Ownership. Patrick took the time to get to know me, what drives me, and my passions. He then presented several possible matches, and I began evaluating two of them. Patrick provided a lot of insight and help along the way, I would highly recommend him to anyone considering owning a Franchise.

  • Schuyler Witt

    Wilmington NC (former Marine)

    Patrick Elsner—the consummate professional. Mr. Elsner reputation precedes him, and the stories are true! Each franchisor I met with spoke very highly of Patrick’s character. What is more his network is large and cut from the same cloth. Patrick wonderfully blends knowledge with experience, and character with people skills to match you with the best franchise! Patrick impressed me on our first phone call. He actively listened to my desires and experience; he quickly understood my personality and virtues, and because he was more interested in my success than “selling” me on a franchise concept he quickly guided me to a franchise that fit me perfectly. I give Patrick 5 of 5 stars! I recommend Patrick to all of you looking for a franchise home.

  • Rennie Kaushal

    Kansas City MO (data scientist)

    Patrick helped us through the process of identifying franchise opportunities that met our goals and outlined criteria. This process can be quite overwhelming for someone who has not navigated this business space before -- There are thousands of franchisors out there and finding the right one that suits your needs can be challenging. Patrick, with his vast experience and connections was very instrumental in guiding and landing us the right opportunity that we otherwise may not have thought of. Our brief partnership was well worth it!

  • Nita Bhatnagar

    Detroit MI (former educator)

    Many years ago, when I was looking to buy a franchise, I "met" Patrick. I let him know about my background and he gave me different options for franchises. I bought a senior care franchise and am really glad I did, because I feel like I am truly making a difference in our seniors' lives. Patrick is definitely your go-to guy if you are looking to buy a franchise. He is very knowledgeable and will tell you the pros and cons of buying a particular franchise. He is easy going, did not put any pressure on me and an added bonus - he has a wonderful sense of humor! Choose Patrick to be your franchise broker, you'll never regret it. Thank You, Patrick!

  • Bob Hillier

    St Louis MO  (former Bank of America executive)

    Patrick did a great job at understanding what I was looking for, researching alternatives and presenting solid options. He stayed connected with me throughout the process to answer questions and continually offer me more options to consider. He is a real pleasure to work with.

  • Eileen Lambert

    St Louis MO  (former CFO)

    I was looking to purchase a business and a friend suggested I contact Patrick to include franchises. Patrick was a pleasure to work with for the following reasons:1) The process started with an interview to explore my interests and budget. He encouraged me to think outside the box and consider franchises not on my "interest" list. 2) He then presented some excellent options which I narrowed down to three. 3) He was prompt to respond to any questions or concerns I may had. 4) He provided guidance on how to evaluate the franchise and last I found a franchise to purchase and am pleased with my decision.

  • Steve Stanford

    Houston TX (sales executive)

    I highly recommend Patrick. Patrick spent a couple of hours helping me determine what I wanted. He then presented me with several great options. He walked me through the steps and advised me along the way. I now own my own business with great potential and one that I really enjoy. Thank you Patrick!!!

  • David Coyne

    Birmingham AL (entrepreneur)

    Patrick does a great job listening to learn what you are looking for and what you are not looking for and asking good questions to identify franchises that are good fits. He brings quality leads and walks through the process with you the whole time. I had never considered working with a consultant but would tell you that if you are looking for a franchise you need to talk to Patrick. He will make the process much more enjoyable.

  • George Gavrilis

    Chicago IL (former aerospace engineer)

    To all those who have thought about investing into a franchise, I would highly recommend contacting Patrick. After 24 years working for Corporate America, I decided to pursue a new career as a franchise owner. Patrick was instrumental in guiding me to where I am now. He is the consummate professional who helped educate me along the way. He truly listened to my wife and me with respect to our background, experience, likes and dislikes. His franchise recommendations were right on the money! I’m proud to say that I am a Redbox+ franchisee and couldn’t have done it without Patrick’s help.

  • Kristy Malone

    Chicago IL (former office manager)

    Patrick was wonderful to work with! He helped change our lives for the better, he listened to what we were looking for and gave us several great options. Mark and I are so happy with our decision to be our own boss and have the chance to help others with our new Oasis franchise. Thank you Patrick!

  • Brian Meidlinger

    Lansing MI (sales executive)

    Worked with Patrick on acquiring a new business, and the process couldn't have gone better. He kept his points clear and concise without going any direction other that what was best for me. I'd recommend Patrick and his services to anyone. Thanks!

  • Noel Brewick 

    Lansing MI (finance manager)

    I got to know Patrick through my hunt in trying to find a new business venture / franchise. He is very knowledgeable about the franchise industry and was able to walk me through it very methodically. Before we began the process and before he presented anything, he took great lengths to understand what my strengths were and what I was looking for in a new career. He was able to clearly outline the pluses and minuses of different ventures so I could make a good informed decision. I didn't feel like he was trying to "sell" me anything but was a true consultant that was looking out for my best interests. On top of that, he's a really nice guy! I would highly recommend Patrick to anyone looking at making the move into a franchised business.

  • Matt Wilczek

    Lansing MI (sales executive)

    Patrick delivered sound advice and support during our franchise search and evaluation. He is a source of helpful and valuable information. Without hesitation, I recommend him to anyone going thru a franchise evaluation. 

  • Brock Phillips

    Terre Haute IN (former paint company executive)

    I’ve always felt as if something was missing from my professional life and began searching and looking at other companies. I was offered three different positions from three different companies in an outside sales position. I felt like I could be the right candidate and every time I was offered a position, I declined. It wasn’t about the money. It wasn’t about the company or what I would be selling. It just never felt right. My gut was telling me, “Hey, slow down buddy. This isn’t going to give you that missing piece that you’re looking for.” I mean c’mon. I’m in sales. What could I possibly be missing? That’s when I realized... I wanted to own my own business. I began my journey and tossed around several different ideas for a business and looked into franchising. My journey continued with the help of Patrick Elsner. He went through the discovery process with me and helped me identify my several options. That’s when I wanted to own a restoration business. Without Patrick, I never would’ve discovered it or had the ability to understand the benefits of becoming a franchisee. He helps you find the best fit possible. Thank you Patrick!

  • Kirk Beason

    Raleigh NC (bank executive)

    Due to unfortunate circumstances in the corporate world, I was introduced to Patrick while considering my next career move. We began the process through several discussions where he took great lengths to understand me, my strengths and weaknesses and my personality traits. When he came back with 5 potential franchise concepts / opportunities, I was amazed at how spot on he was with his recommendations. He clearly outlined the strengths and weaknesses with each concept. I never felt like he was trying to sell me anything, but his insight allowed me to make an informed decision. I also found that over the 3-4-week process that Patrick is a great guy and a well-grounded human being. I highly recommend Patrick to anyone who is considering franchise small business ownership. Give him a call. You won’t be disappointed! 

  • Rhett Mitchell

    Milwaukee WI (Former Verizon executive)

    Patrick is a true professional. My wife and I were interested in expanding our portfolio outside of our current business. I connected with Patrick and his attention to detail is unmatched, along with setting his clients up for success. We moved forward with one of the Franchises that Patrick put in front of us as a result of his detailed process. Patrick has been willing on several occasions to assist us, even after the signing of the commitment, which in my mind is a true testament to his high morale character. We have enjoyed working with Patrick so much, we have provided his information to a handful of friends who are in the market to potentially franchise a business.

  • Max Michaelis

    Austin TX (engineer and entrepreneur )

    Patrick was wonderful to work with. I'd been tentatively considering a franchise business for years, but didn't really know what I wanted to do, or even if it was the right way forward. Patrick listened to my concerns and interests and came up with some great recommendations that I had never considered. Now I'm moving forward as a franchisee and couldn't be happier.

  • Dean Sandler

    Asheville NC (marketing professional)

    I was blessed when Patrick was assigned to me by FCC. Not only is he a recognized leader in the franchise community, he was also a pleasure to work with. He offered me 6 franchise ideas that challenged my personal perceptions and brought me through skepticism to see them clearly. I narrowed the field and came upon the perfect fit for my new life in Asheville NC. He also connected me with business funding professionals. 

  • Sam Perossa

    Savannah GA (CEO steel industry)

    Patrick is THE franchise insider. He has a passion for what he does and it shows through the entire process. He is professional, kind, patient and a wealth of knowledge. When my wife and I were at a crossroads in our careers we put our trust in Patrick and we are so thankful we did. There are so many franchises out there and the search can be overwhelming. Not with Patrick - every step of the way he was there to provide sincere guidance and he believed in us. We will use him again and recommend him to anyone in search of a franchise future. Well done Patrick! Take a bow! 

  • Rose Bambach 

    Jacksonville FL (former ad agency coordinator)

    I got so much more than I expected. It was truly a great experience working with Patrick. I all I knew is that I wanted to own a business, I didn’t know what I could do even what was out there. Patrick got to know me, my goals my likes and dislikes, my needs and dreams then found franchises that fit with me. I was scared but there was nothing to lose by trying it out. I would highly recommend working with Patrick. He will match you with the right franchise or maybe even find out that franchising is not for you. He’s a empathetic person who cares about people being happy and while getting what they need out of their business.

  • Joe Gravitt

    South Bend IN (former executive with Land's End)

    Patrick was instrumental in our decision to pursue a franchise. His knowledge of the franchise industry and ability to understand our requirements helped us to make sound decisions in choosing the right franchise. His follow through and follow up are spot on!

  • Gene Santovenia,

    Wilmington NC (former SVP-real state/Burger King)

    Patrick is very professional in his approach to introducing businesses for sale or franchise opportunities to prospective candidates. He is an expert in matching new franchisees with the right concept that fits their needs.

  • Josh Biltcliffe

    Boston MA (former food warehouse manager)

    Patrick is professional, courteous and is very supportive through the entire process. I enjoyed the process from the start. Patrick was key is guiding me to the determining which franchise opportunity was right for me. I would recommend Patrick to anyone who is looking to buy a franchise.

  • Alan Bates

    Atlanta GA (former sales executive/AT&T)

    Patrick took the time to identify my personal and professional goals, and helped me find the franchise opportunity that was the best fit for me. He was thorough and professional, and patiently helped me investigate a number of different industries and brands. He is a good listener, and has excellent follow up skills. I highly recommend him to anyone who is pursuing franchise opportunities.

  • Mike Mulheran

    Minneapolis MN (former private pilot)

    I can't say enough good things about Patrick. He made buying a franchise such an easy process. He helped me identify the things that really make me tick, so that I could find the franchise that really fit my needs. If I were to do it all over again (which I will at some point), Patrick will be the first person I call.

  • Mike Kinney

    Houston TX (former SVP)

    I had the distinct opportunity to work with Patrick as my franchise coach. Patrick was very thorough at helping me match my passion and skill sets with the right franchise opportunity. He spent a significant amount of time interviewing me to ensure I was a good fit for the franchises presented. Ultimately I was presented a franchise that was the best fit for me. If you are seeking an excellent franchise coach, certainly Patrick is one of the best.

  • Bob Mejerle

    Atlanta GA (former executive VP)

    I've been considering the purchase of a franchise for several years. I quickly found that this was a daunting task with the 10's of thousands of available franchises. I had no idea on how to sort through all the concepts. Fortunately, I met Patrick. I had no idea that a franchise consultant could help me narrow the large universe of franchises to a manageable number that matched my needs. His series of questions and assessment quickly helped me develop my screening process in finding the ideal franchise. Through his expert knowledge of franchises, he helped me narrow the alternatives to one final brand. My wife and I have now been an owner for 3+ years and couldn't be happier in our choice. I love the business and look forward to getting to work each day. Patrick clearly helped us achieve our dream of business ownership. I attribute this to Patrick's expert council and ability to match concepts to individuals. I highly recommend Patrick if you are considering buying a franchise. 

  • Mike Sulentic

    Chicago IL (former CFO/Harley-Davidson)

    I have worked with Patrick for close to a year now. I found him via a website ad for his company. Obviously, I was very skeptical and assumed he would be your typical sales guy who was out to make a quick buck at my expense. It was not long before I realized Patrick was a true professional who had my interests as his priority, not his. He was very consistent throughout my franchise search, even though he knew there was a good chance I would not decide to go the franchise route. He continued to provide new opportunities for me, even after I had said "no" to multiple opportunities he presented. His attitude was positive, whether my response was a "yes" or a "no". I also noted that each franchisor spoke very highly of Patrick also, which was a good sign. I would highly recommend Patrick for anyone searching for a franchise opportunity.  

  • Quin Hartman

    Bethlehem PA (former executive/Bayer)

    Patrick is a great resource if you are looking to get into the franchise business. He will walk you through the entire process and work with you at your pace but keep you on track so you don't lose focus. I highly recommend Patrick to anyone considering Franchising as the next stop in their life's journey.

  • Jeff Knudtzon

    Reno NV (former retail store manager Home Depot)

    I had dreamed of opening my own business for many years and the time finally came for me to take the plunge. My back ground is in Retail Home Improvement Management and quite frankly I was burned out. It was no longer “fun” nor was it satisfying to me. I began my search as many do thinking along the lines of what I did for so many years which was retail.  I got in touch with Patrick at Fran Choice and found him to be extremely helpful. Patrick took the time to get to know me & my wife and to find out what it was that I was really looking for. He did not just give me a list of available franchises but helped me narrow the field down to what “fit” me. He was quite open as to the pluses and minuses of franchising as well as insights into each company he presented. I whole heartedly recommend Patrick!

  • Jeffrey Watson

    Arlington VA (former military)

    In early 2012, I was looking for alternatives for a second career following 25 years in the Army. Patrick called me to follow-up on a request I made and explained how he could help me find the right choice for a franchise to build my own business. We spoke a few times to get to know me better, then he pitched a number of possible business opportunities. He had some interesting suggestions, but he was spot on with Pop-A-Lock. Today, I own Pop-A-Lock of Northern Virginia thanks to Patrick. I couldn't be more pleased. He helped guide me down one of the most important paths I've faced, and I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you, Patrick! I wouldn't have found this business without you. I'll refer you every chance I get.

  • Patrick Graw

    Hilton Head, South Carolina (former regional VP/retail)

    I first began working with Patrick earlier in 2009 when I was exploring franchise opportunities. Patrick was the first to respond to my initial inquiries and has been well on top of things ever since.  His patience in listening to what your needs are, coupled with his grasp of the various companies he represents, allow him to offer a wide range of solutions to even the most discriminating and discerning business person.  Patrick exudes a great deal of professionalism and will always share his thoughts with you to help steer you in the direction you want to go in becoming your own boss. I strongly encourage you to reach out to Patrick and allow him the opportunity to help you achieve your goal of becoming a franchise owner.  I highly recommend Patrick as someone who will work diligently on your behalf in presenting you with options that are right for your particular situation...no matter how big or small you want your business to be

  • Cathy Greenlaw

    Austin TX (former communications manager/Fortune 150)

    Add me to the list of satisfied clients who have endorsed Patrick here on LinkedIn. Patrick served as my Sherpa when I embarked on a life-changing decision to consider franchising. Not only did he expertly guide me through Franchising 101, helping me to determine whether franchising was a good fit for me, but once I made the decision to move forward, he provided thoughtful franchise options that took into account my personal and professional goals. I recommend Patrick to anyone who is venturing into the world of franchising and looking for a trusted advisor to help them along their way.

  • Eric Barrett

    Austin TX (former IT headhunter)

    Patrick did an excellent job lining me up with franchises that were compatible with my personality and moral values. I would recommend him to anyone looking to make the life-changing decision of franchise ownership. He came through for me.

  • Kevin Ruhs

    Louisville KY (former healthcare executive)

    I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Patrick Elsner this year (2015) in my search for a franchise business ultimately offering greater control of my future, and financial independence, but not before a short unsuccessful self-directed search. In June of 2014 I initiated a search for a franchise that would provide me unencumbered enjoyment and rewards that employment should offer not to mention many other obvious and mutual benefits. I sought an option that would put me in greater control of my professional success, happiness and one where I am able to realize the full financial rewards of my efforts. I investigated two franchise models and soon brought that search to a close, they simply were not the right fit for me. Additionally, I found it overwhelming to continue my self-directed search one franchise at a time. In January 2015 I was introduced Patrick when a member of his team contacted me. I was apprehensive about using a consultant for this search but gave him a chance. Patrick explained his role, process and goal. He was never pushy and never acted like a salesperson…he acted like a consultant. He took the time to use consultative skills in effort to learn about me, my strengths, likes, dislikes and my motivation for looking for a franchise business. After Patrick’s analysis he presented options for me to consider and potentially investigate. Within Patrick’s presentation he included a few options which I clearly stated I had interest in and the remaining were based on his understanding of what he learned from me. I immediately started to investigate the options that I requested; however, I concluded those investigations as I learned they were not the perfect fit.  I then started to investigate one of the other options within Patrick’s presentation. This was an option that initially captured my attention but my focus was on the first (aforementioned) few. This option differed from the first few options in many ways. Patrick stated its inclusion was based on what he learned of me, what he believed would be the perfect fit for me. Fast forward…I signed my franchise agreement May 2015. The franchise greatly fits my strengths, skills, desires and possesses characteristics which will allow me to attain other goals such as financial objectives, ROI and ROE (Return On Effort). I am extremely excited to get the business up and running and am confident that this is the prefect franchise option for me and most importantly…my success will be extraordinary.  I credit Patrick with his consultative approach, proper analysis and industry knowledge for the result. It’s that process, approach and knowledge that led me to the prefect franchise option. Patrick, thank you for being a consultant. 

  • Bob Caldwell

    Green Bay WI (current branch sales manager/semi-absentee franchise owner)

    Patrick helped to change my life. That is a strong bold statement, but absolutely true. With his guidance, I was able to fulfill my dream of owning my own business. If you are considering purchasing a business I would highly recommend working with Patrick. He can help you work through it and make a decision that is right for you and your family. I have owned my franchise for 3 years now and I owe that, in big part, to Patrick. 

  • Nick Mariniello

    New Jersey (entrepreneur)

    Patrick is one of the finest professionals that I have come to know in business. His insight, candor, and patience was greatly appreciated as I progressed through a multitude of career options and business opportunities. I would highly recommend working with Patrick if you are considering a new franchise, an existing franchise, or some other career decision that you could benefit from Patrick's experience and his genuine desire to "do the right thing." I look forward to continuing a relationship with Patrick for years to come.

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